Feel home

E 99

Home can be many things and what makes it be home even more
where the mail man brings your post
where your computer stands
where your heart is
where your husband / wife would like us to live
where you can do what you want without some shout at you
where your friends live around
where your work is right in the neighborhood
where your children’s school is very close to
where your mother in law is far away
and so on – feel free apply more on the list.

Maybe it’s more simple, maybe it is a feeling within ourselves
that pop up and tell us that we’re home.

Feeling home is the keyword, sometimes people feel like strangers in their own home.

Some of us are some weird persons, who sometimes feel home in other peoples home.

Photo 101, 1st day theme “Home

30 tanker om “Feel home

  1. I totally agree with everything you said! Still, when I look at the picture, I wonder whose home is this?
    “lol” I hope it’s not your home, Le Drake. 😉 “lol” 😎

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