Do you wanna dance

F 04

Blackpool Tower in november mode
very similar to the parisian Eiffel Tower
but not so high and some years younger.

The inspiration comes from wonderful “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes
this is from the city of Blackpool  – a perfect place for an inspiring relaxing we all need.

Blackpool is best known as a seaside resort, in the so-called good old days
it was a sophisticated summer residence for the rich, the famous
and those who wanted to bask in those people’s fame – nowadays called wannabes.
The modern Blackpool is now hosting all types of people – including many young
and families with children spend their holidays and leisure activities at the popular beach.

F 03

Trams has always been a tradition in this city and a tourist attraction
sometimes they “dig” old treasures out from museums and other “hideouts”
where they are deployed on the routes, which is very popular and fascinating.
Often seen also horse-drawn carriages in the streets
in fact so the oldest trams were horse-drawn too.

F 05

Blackpool was famous for the many dance halls
it was there all dancers with ambitions wanted to dance
now discotheques also competing for the favor of the visitors – especially the younger.

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28 tanker om “Do you wanna dance

  1. Do you watch ‘Strictly’ by any chance, Drake? They’re in Blackpool next week 🙂
    I suppose with my heritage it should be a Polka for me but I’m a bit of a 2 left footer (though I do love to be on the dance floor). I used to love going to Blackpool for the Illuminations, Drake. Many thanks for the memories, and your lovely company again.

      No I’m not so good at this watching television, I better like things live… 😀

      So glad you enjoyed this little walk – Blackpool is a fascinating city and still stylishly – with lots of atmosphere – so we’ll try the polka… 🙂

  2. What a romantic dancehall! I would like dance there, wearing a beautiful dress… 😉
    Very interesting post, beautiful pictures. 🙂

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