Belonging or be longing

F 18

Halton House UK

The value of belongings are quite subjectively
maybe the husband doesn’t look like Clark Gable
maybe the wife isn’t look like Gina Lollobrigida
maybe the contents of the fridge wasn’t purchased in the Carnegie Deli
maybe the wine in the glasses isn’t Château Margaux ‘Balthazar 2009
maybe the car in the garage not named Aston Martin.
On the lawn grasses not an arab stallion but a donkey, a goat or a fat rabbit.
Maybe the holiday destination not called Monaco (summer) or Courchevel 1850 (winter).

Belongings they have the value we give them ourselves.

With the inspiration from Ailsa and her absolutly worth visting blog
Where’s my backpack.?
this is my version of the travel theme this week “Belonging“.

26 tanker om “Belonging or be longing

  1. We would all be much happier, if we could “just” be satisfied with and appreciate what we actually have. Instead, most are miserably longing for what they don’t have…
    But chapeau for the idea and the photo!

    • #.doro
      Agree, better start from what we have and not from that we wish we had – count from ‘zero’ and go up and not start from twenty-five and count down… 😉

      So glad you enjoyed this take, thanks a lot… 😀

  2. I’d be thrilled if I had a cute fat bunny to hug and cuddle while I sip a basic Spanish Rioja!.
    Anyway, who wants to clean all those belongings? “lol”

  3. Yes, I totally agree: “Belongings” have the value we give them ourselves. Sometimes the greatest value of a thing is when we make a gift of it to someone else! 😉 :-*
    Beautiful picture!

    • #.aurore
      So glad you do – yeah “gifts for free” are amazing – when someone do something for you just coz she/he wish to do it and coz she/he know you will be happy – at the same way to do something someone else coz you know this person will be happy – often it’s something which don’t cost you anything but perhaps a bit time – and the result is priceless… 😀

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    • #.hanna
      ‘hehehe’ – kommer tilat tænke på at da jeg var lille dreng sagde folk ofte at min far lignede James Dean og min mor Gina Lollobrigida – så er det jeg tænker mærkeligt at jeg ikke blev pænere… 😀

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