20 tanker om “When cool gets cold

  1. I don’t find anything charming about winter. The most unattractive is all the snow and cold. I could certainly do without -40c and 3 feet of snow. I’ve been in Canada all my life and I still can’t get used to it. If our winters looked like your photo above I would have no problem with winter lol.

    • #.sherrie
      Back in Denmark where I’m born, it doesn’t snow every winter and sometimes only a little bit – so all the children prays for “white weather” the grown up children too – somestimes the winter is cold really cold 10 -15C* negative degrees – so the traffic almost stop… 😀

      England is a bit like Denmark – in Norway it’s a bit colder and more snow a lot more snow – but I guess you would feel like being on summer holliday… 😀

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