Maybe heavenly architecture

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The church in the village of Tranebjerg on the island of Samso,
the village it’s the “capital” of the island too
one of the largest danish village churches and one of the few remaining church barns

The island has about 3700 inhabitants and five large churches and two satellite churches.

In Denmark and danish culture, the church probably is more tradition than religion
sunday after sunday most of the danish churches are much more than half empty
only at the Christmas eve service they are filled up so every single chair is in use.

If foreigners ask to this danish paradox
so they are told that the church is important for the danish identity.

Actually the many churches in the danish landscape fantastic guide lines for hikers
and also architectural delights which supporting each town or village
highlighting there own characteristics in relation to their surroundings.

20 tanker om “Maybe heavenly architecture

  1. The Danish churches are incredible. They are so old, yet so well maintained and an easy landmark on the countryside. I am not religious, but I LOVE the Danish churches. Such history within their walls. And the cemeteries are always well tended. They are a delight to visit. I have this silly dream ( that will never be fulfilled) to drive the dansk countryside and photograph all the danish churches for a book. How fun would that be? Love your post, Drake.

  2. In Norway too, much more culture than religion, and many wants to get rid of them. But I think they are im,portant, whatever your beliefes. There is so much history, beauty, and we need them in sorrow and happiness. The Danish ones have fascinating architectue.

    • #.bente
      I’m not religious, but not opposed to religions – as long as there are equal rights for those you don’t agree with – the same rights that you wish yourself – the danish and norwegian national church functions as I see it very well – of course there are errors too – but with basic in a steeped in tolerance in both countries – so they contribute to societal values which can’t be dispensed not as the world is today and most of all as we humans are today… 🙂

      It’s funny – you norwegians are fascinated by the danish stone churches and we danes are fascinated by your wooden churches – both excellent architecture… 🙂

  3. That’s a generous ratio: 5 large churches for 3,700 inhabitants. I bet that there is no heating system in them – which could explain poor attendance 😉

    • #.paula
      It’s kind of funny – though Danes don’t go much to church so they refuse to close some churches – every time there is a proposal, then there is a storm of protest – danes use a lot of time complaining about taxes – but about church taxes no complaning – some claim that they are paying for their conscience… 😀

      Oh yes there are heating systems in every single church… 😀

  4. Very interesting post. I like this Danish architecture. About churches and religion, the situation is similar in Italy too… well, at least in the North where I live…

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