Walk the line, the coastline

F 73

As the wind blows, we say if something is unclear
or according to Bob Dylan “The answer is blowing in the wind“.

The inspiration comes from wonderful “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes
visiting days on my danish native island  – tiny but still with west, north, east and south.

This is from the most southern – almost following the coastline in 3 of the 4 directions.

If there is onshore wind and waves on one side
so there is often calm water in the opposite lee side
there are 5 km from the east coast to the west coast of most southerly of the island

F 55

Breaking the waves.from east.

F 59

The corner between east and south.

F 62

Washed stones.

F 61

Pheasants fly rarely above water, but dreams are duty free – dreams of the urge to travel.

F 60

The lighthouse warns the seamen – for hundreds of years ago there was here a fortress.

F 63

Not too close, the light is strong and powerful.

F 68

Sometimes the waves goes ashore.

F 70

F 69

Red cabbage field close to the coast
this plant tolerates cooler weather and is harvested late even start of december.

F 64

Just around the corner the lighthouse is left back.

F 56

This little tiny island have a manor house too, named Brattingsborg
which owns about 2800 hectares land not far from a quarter of the island.

19 tanker om “Walk the line, the coastline

  1. Beautiful water-scapes! I like your sea edge between east and south, your washed stones, the trail before the manor pic, but I am not sure that the cabbage you showed is red, whatever the sort it is an ideal winter food. I would have loved to go on this walk, Drake!

    • #.paula
      So glad you enjoyed this island walk – the cabbage on field looks most blue but when they are harvested so the red color turn on powerfully – sometimes they aren’t harvested until after the snow season begins – really looks funny … 🙂

  2. Really spectacular shots. Le Drake! Your “Restless Jo” walks really are wonderful… all the time.
    Perhaps it’s my prairie blood, but I love the pheasant and the Red Cabbage.
    I would love to hug the pheasant, and eat the cabbage! ♥ I love “Blowing in the Wind”. ♥
    I also love “Catch the Wind” by Donovan. ♥

    • #.resa
      Yeah “Catch the wind” great too… 🙂

      ‘hehehe’ – for sure if you tried hug this pheasant male so I’m sure he said “Calm down canadian lady” – don’t think those birds do that kind of stuff… 😀

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