Cool impression not cold

F 80

A residential building in Strasbourg with a creative decorating.

The inspiration comes from wonderful “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes
the city of Strasbourg yesterday, absolutly a walk worth so idyllic and full of history..

F 81

Trumpet-playing angel in the cityscape.

F 83

Polar bears in the cityscape of Strasbourg.

F 84

Greenish glow at the time of year where the color of green have a hard time.

F 85

Impressive interest and crowded streets.

F 87

33 tanker om “Cool impression not cold

  1. Is that your puppy?
    It’s soooo cute. Of course it is second to your parents’ black sheep… The Queen. However I also still am enamored by the pheasant.
    All your cute animals are very endearing. Do you have any more pics of the old black sheep? ❤

    • #.sylvia
      So glad you enjoyed this little walk – the small dog was curious when it saw me on the street – I have never met a dog I could not talk to – they can certainly feel that I’m crazy about dogs… 😀

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