Indoor walking

G 62

A perfect place to be caveman, below a local city winery.

The inspiration comes from wonderful “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes.
Why always take the walk outside, inside just around the corner down the street.

G 65

Smile doesn’t cost extra, it is included in the price.

G 68

L’enfariné, one of the local bakeries
Olivier is a highly skilled baker.

G 63

The colors don’t disappear just because it is winter.

G 66

Temptations en masse.

G 67

Marcelle, the lingerie saleswoman, enjoy giving good hints.

G 64

Not too small to sell postcards from the neighboring cities
not competitors but partners in the cooperation in order to meet tourists wishes.

Need a break – the locals have done their work.

G 69

47 tanker om “Indoor walking

  1. Indoor walk! Good idea, Drake 🙂 I nearly got frostbite the other morning! Thank you 🙂
    Found myself singing ‘Roll out the barrel’ and I haven’t even had a drink yet this evening 🙂 Love the lady burrowing in the peaches!

  2. Very interesting texture in the wine cellar. And I wouldn’t mind camping out there for awhile, grab a little vino…

  3. I love the interior of the winery; first shot, and thought the display of your wine bottles worthy of sharing on Pinterest—so I did. 😉 Thanks for sharing with us here.

  4. What a nice indoor walk! I love the pictures you have been taken. The fruit, wine and food looks so good. 🙂

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