Disguised multi-colors

G 71

There are many things that can distract in sport in addition to possible lack of interest
all the “stupid” advertisements only tolerated because of their economic yield
all the many boisterous fans only tolerated because they contribute to the atmosphere.
Something is often forgotten – the boring dressed coaches on the sidelines.
They are often multi-colored figuratively.
These people who outside are quiet and pleasant people
flames up in the heat of ‘battle’ and are the whole fare worth themselves.

Inspiration from Paula’s Thursday’s Special  *non-theme* this week “Multicoloured

7 tanker om “Disguised multi-colors

    • #.paula
      Really appreciate you enjoyed this – believe you have a point – we never learn to know ourselves before we are pushed to the limit and probably not before – some have more strength than they ever believe and others have much less than they thought themselves – as very young when I performed my military duty, my national military service many years ago – then I was a training officer, where we trained young as smoke divers as a part of firefighter training (of course I was educated myself before) – the first thing to do was to find out how they reacted when they were under extreme pressure – because when it was seriously in action so other people’s lives were depended on them or could be – sometimes very very surprising results, both ways… 🙂

    • #.dunelight
      So glad I’m not alone watching the coaches… 😀

      I follow baseball a bit not live because of the distance not much baseball in Europe – but through the network mostly Boston Red Sox – which have same owner as my favorite soccer club Liverpool FC… 🙂

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