Sky Dancer

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This boat is named “Sky Dancer
belonging on the norwegian archipelago of Svalbard
which located in the Arctic Ocean north of mainland Europe.
About half the way to the North Pole from the norwegian mainland.
An extremely intensive and crude sea area.
Svalbard is the northernmost place in the world with a permanent population.

The owner a young danish man with permanent residence in Svalbard,
in the main city “Longyearbyen” a name which is a mix of norwegian and english words.
This guy decided to visit his mother who lives on the tiny danish island of Samso.
A sailing distance of about 5,000 km each way.

Therefore the boat is currently in harbor on the island of Samsø.

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11 tanker om “Sky Dancer

  1. Belles photos! Je me doute que les hauts poteaux du bateau “dansent” dans le ciel quand le bateau flotte sur la mer ouverte.. 😉

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