Step on stones

002 013

If we humans sees another person staring at something we can not see
so we become curious and also need to have a look
a way to create contact between people is to pretend that we look intently at something.

From the harbor of the villlage of Ballen, the weekend between january and february 2015.

My inspiration comes from wonderful “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes
this area is perfect for inspiring walking – danish winter mood without snow.

002 012

002 014

No fish today.

002 005

Don’t go breaking my heart – in several ways.

002 007

Woman in red.

002 002

The urge to travel can catch us every moment.

002 004

002 009

Seagulls, food hunting break.

004 007

Floating quietness.

004 004


002 008

Safety first.

002 011

Fishing is also art, not just a drawstring with bait.

002 016

The old ship stores, still owned by the family who launched the creation of the harbor.

001 008

001 005

001 002

001 004

The new ferry berth southern of the small old fishing harbor.

001 003

Actually a perfect place for letting the thoughts flow.

001 006

14 tanker om “Step on stones

  1. Were you waiting for me, Drake? I had to pause to make some toast before I expire 🙂 Then I have lots of energy to skip along that pier. Thank you so much for your beautiful reflections on life.. Hope you are well?

  2. I like this Danish winter mood! Lots of beautiful and interesting pictures.. I particularly love the last but one pic.. this view really inspire me, a perfect place for thinking or dreaming 😉 🙂

  3. Darling Le Drake,
    Your posts are second to none!
    Restless Jo, restless you and restless love await.
    Restless me longs for your Liverpool posts. I can’t help my city heart.
    When will you return?
    Love Resa ( a city soul) xo

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