Walk right in

H 22

Streets of Strasbourg, a bit rainy and artificial lighting has taken over.

My inspiration comes from wonderful “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes.
Why only walk, why not walk right in too..?.

There is a huge world hidden behind facades, in Strasbourg too.
Cityscapes seems more closed than landscapes
but isn’t it just an illusion we have created..?
It’s just a world different from the more uncontrollable nature.

H 23

Step in, live soccer tonight.

H 26

The cathedral, some come for a religion’s sake,
others for enjoying the stunning architecture.

H 27

The inside of an abandoned warehouse has tempted creative graffiti artists.

H 28

Walk straight into the trolley and the walk becomes longer with fewer steps.

H 30

Walked inside Printemps Strasbourg.

H 29

Gare du Strasbourg, night atmosphere.