Don’t ever change

H 44

The reward at a boating on the river Mersey by night.

This title is from a Goffin & King song, cover performed by The Beatles in 1963.
(lead vocals: George Harrison)

Weekly photo challenge 2nd version of the theme “Reward“.

15 tanker om “Don’t ever change

        • The area which is known as Liverpool (area) is a series of autonomous districts – one of these is called Liverpool too and is located on the north side of the river Mersey – it is the center of the area – the southern and south-western side of the river Mersey – it is a peninsula called Wirral – there are other independent quarters like Birkenhead, Bebington, Wallasey and so on – at the south side of the peninsula Wirral is another large waterway – the river Dee – on the south side of this river so we are in Wales… 🙂


  1. Great shot of old Liverpool. Sad though, since I only remember the night scenes when catching the night ferry to Belfast at the end of holidays in Europe or Britain! Des.

    • #.des
      So glad you enjoyed this view, really do appreciate – the port of Liverpool area and the life there is the main reason Liverpool is Liverpool today – a very long history follows this spot between the river Mersey and the Irish Sea… 🙂

      If I had the time I would have a ferry trip between Liverpool and Belfast again – have many times seen longingly at the Stena Lines ferry… 😀

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