To the right or just old

H 52

A wise person once claimed that it was easy to tell the difference between right and left
because on the left hand sits the thumb to the right and on the right to the left.
Sailors may not know this, because at the sea they use green and red colors to show it.

The color green is a spectacular color
we are young we are green, if we are too old – so we are green too.

The green spring indicates a new start we are told – but lead roofing turn green with age.

9 tanker om “To the right or just old

  1. Sorry – after a lifetime of total confusion about right and left your helpful explanation leaves me no wiser! Nice chilly picture – got to be North (or Irish) Sea? Des.

  2. Le Drake, your words are wise, but what is that green thing on the water?
    That’s a scary pic…. there’s no where to stand. “lol”

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