Beyond the frontage

H 62

Liverpool Cathedral, there seems to be a high ceiling.

My inspiration comes from wonderful “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes.
Walking allows mostly a “superficial” impression of buildings, let us take a look inside.

H 66

The Central Library of Liverpool, several levels of books.

H 63

The field of Anfield, the grass definitely greener.

H 67

Not an english pub in Liverpool, but as seen a scottish one.

H 68

Comfortable corner of Thornton Manor, a place much used for wedding parties.

H 72

Some days ago, inside the impressive concert hall Liverpool Echo Arena
“One Vision” concert with The Queen featured Adam Lambert.
The girls in the crowd screamed and shouted “Isn’t he wonderful”.
I thought that the taste and like is thankfully different between people.
Last time I was here was seeing Kylie Minogue
see there we can talk about style and beauty.
Said with a jokingly twinkle in my eye.

H 64

The Beatles Museum, Albert Dock – inside the yellow submarine, musical submersion.

H 46

One of the local stations of the Liverpool Fire Department, opposite light my fire.

H 65

The main room in the neoclassic St. George Hall inspired by greek and roman culture.
Located opposite the railway station at Lime Street in Liverpool.

20 tanker om “Beyond the frontage

  1. Wow! That hall is a stunner, Drake! What is it used for? I’ve never heard of it, but then there are so many beautiful buildings 🙂
    Understandably (I expect?) I’d rather watch Adam Lambert 🙂 What a voice! But right now I’d be happy to cosy up in that armchair. It’s dreary here! Many thanks for joining and for entertaining me so finely.

  2. Wonderful sequence of photos and very nice commentaries you did! Difficult to make a choice, bu maybe my favourite are the first and the last one because I’m very fun of old building, art and architecture. 🙂

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