Out of nowhere

J 10

The spring presses on with greater and greater force – an irresistible force.
A bike ride in the south southeastern Lancashire UK reveals all the signs.

My inspiration comes from wonderful “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes..
Besides seeing where you drive, so look at the surroundings and enjoy.

J 07

The farmers are on track, the spring track.

J 08

These small but well padded piglets enjoying spring, however supervised by their mother.

J 09

Small fellow with a great voice, also very curious about phographers..

J 12

Local Lancashire village church, open for a visit and a chair for relaxing.

J 13

These kind of small villages really create an inspiring mood.

J 11

A green door and a fascinating wall – together a small farmhouse.

J 14

In the landscape of Lancashire, you could still meet a view like this.

J 15