Great gig in the sky

J 26

The iconic liverpudlian building with the two characteristic birds on each tower peak.
Observing the sky moods with these towers as crosshair
be a breathtaking experience around the clock all year round.
Totally regardless of the weather which just will be an ingredient
so “draw” a circle around the building.
At least one place from this circle the sky will be fantastic.

(the title inspired from a ‘Pink Floyd’ song title.


Undercover full moon

006 002

Early evening where the full moon already is arrived behind the shadows of the willows.

The trees that whisper in the evening
Carried away by a moonlight shadow
Sing a song of sorrow and grieving
Carried away by a moonlight shadow.
*written by Mike Oldfield*

By the way full moon and shadows haven’t necessarily being similar to sad mood.