If walls could talk

J 39

Schloß Gottorf (german) a half stone’s throw from the city of Schleswig.

My inspiration comes from wonderful “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes..
Short visit in the area close around a part of my childhood long ago.

The castle was the former residence of the dukes of Schleswig-Holstein
once the residence of the danish king, so a royal palace – now region museum
Landesmuseen Schleswig-Holstein  Schloß Gottorf.
Originally in both Northern Schleswig (danish) and South Schleswig (german).

J 32

One of the many halls.

J 34

An outdoor fountain in the wall of the castle.

J 33

The balcony of the chapel part of the old castle in daylight, built about 425 years ago.

J 37

An other hall, perfect for dancing.

J 36

A sculpture in the park – isn’t she beautiful..?

Schleswig 01


An old viking ship, very well preserved after lying in a bog for centuries.

J 35

An accompanying annex in the park.


13 tanker om “If walls could talk

  1. You gave me a clue 🙂
    This is absolutely beautiful, Drake, and I’m in love with this place. May I have the pleasure of the next dance?
    Thank you for brightening up my Monday mornings 🙂

    • #.jo
      Yeah I thought that evening photo from the chapel of the castle would be the perfect appetizer for you until the first coming monday – by the way this castle means a lot to me – these years in my childhood where I lived in the city of Schleswig (2-3 years there and 8 years in Flensburg) – the castle was there just in the “backyard” these 2-3 years – we (friends and me) were in good standing in relation to the museum staff and were pleased every time we could help them – the staff said with a smile that we were clever enough to be tour guides if them were to lack a guide some day… 😀

  2. I really liked this post because I love history and castles and you shared beautiful images and interesting informations. Wondeful the chapel and the big hall, perfect for dancing! Very beautiful and original the statue, in an attitude so relaxed and natural.. Thanks Drake! 🙂

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