Day Tripper

011 005

Fishing is for many people a great passion
this leisure activity has just as many theories as anglers.
Who doesn’t remember Crocodile Dundie using sticks of dynamite
when he fished outside the port of New York and was visited by the Coast Guard.?

Here rocks are fished in the harbor entrance, so they don’t bother ships.

My inspiration comes from wonderful “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes.
this little walk from a short april visit on my little danish native island

011 001

The pennant above the thatched roof indicates idyll.

011 004

Part of the coastline between the real sand beach and the low scrub of rosehips.

009 006

Stressed city people might find the idyllic calm very noisy.

009 004

Visits from abroad, but probably the boat isn’t sailed across the Atlantic Ocean
nothing escapes the attention of the local seagulls.

Without doubt they would enjoy american leftovers too.

012 001

A rapeseed field just now.

012 002

The golden tulip.

012 004

Nature preparing the near future.

10 003

J 74

Survived from a time when means of transport were animalistic not mechanical.

J 73

If you worried about falling off the bike, you’d never get on
*Lance Armstrong – american athlete*

07 001

Popularly known as “snail mail” as a contrast to electronic mail,
but actually the island’s post are e-mail.
Because their cars are electric cars.

4 tanker om “Day Tripper

  1. Not at all sure what happened here, Drake? I left a comment on here and tweeted the post first thing this morning but the screen went blank and didn’t repond. I’ll try again 🙂 I’ve just approved the link on mine again and hopefully it will be ok now.

    I love that pop of red in the boat and the rapeseed especially. It’s such a colourful time of year and the fields looked great as I flew over them. Many thanks for your loyal support, Drake. I appreciate it. 🙂

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