Nothing broken

K 17

Some believe drakes can’t climb palms, the black ones can.

Often it’s a tourist attraction to see local climb in palm trees, it’s fair enough
but an old motto says that experiences must be felt with the fingertips or tiptoes.
Palm trunks look like trees which been rough branched off – very bumpy and chopped.

The locals (tough guys) are barefoot, here you see a ‘chichen’ using shoes.

Weekly photo challenge “Broken

10 tanker om “Nothing broken

    • #.carol
      Yes absolut you are right – some ducks can, but not all – when I was a kid we had muscovy ducks, sometimes one of them (the same one) landed on top of the cab of the neighbor’s tractor – it happened several times so it wasn’t by chance… 🙂

  1. So.. is it you that “chicken”? Well, a “drake”… dressed up as a chicken to learn to climb as a human being or as monkey? Ahah, too many animals in this post… 😀

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