Memories through a village

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Country lane from the coast (a kind of a back door) to a cozy village named Besser.

My inspiration comes from wonderful “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes.
a visit about a month ago in a village from the time of “the tiny black duckling”

Many things have changed and an equal number haven’t.

K 36

First from this unusually way we will meet the little old water tower.
Here photographed on the way back later.
Now it is used only as a viewing tower

K 29

Those old houses gettin’ older – but still with a lot of style.

K 37

K 38

016 009

K 28

The 300 year old vicarage (4 photos) – splendid maintained
still in use as an official residence for the local vicar.
Now only the buildings – in the past, many danish vicars
they managed large farms alongside their vicar-hood.
Very similar to the way in which the rich landowners did.

016 008

K 35

The vicar doesn’t seem at home.

K 26

The village isn’t next to the water, but close to,
the sea is a few kilometers east
the fjord located a few kilometers north
the area to the west is bunded from the fjord.

The area has been inhabited in some extent since the stone age.

017 002

Old guard or protection against the sea, which isn’t always calm like here.

017 017

A left back spring in an old barn, works only if they are clamped at both ends.

14 tanker om “Memories through a village

  1. What a beautiful walk you’ve shared, from your little duckling days 🙂 I bet you were right at home with my company on the towpath this week. The timbered buildings are so elegant and stylish, Drake. What a wonderful place to call home. 🙂

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