7 tanker om “Happy Bird

  1. Fantastic! The picture and the post too: in four lines you described three different ways to feel happy. I agree with you that the third way happens or it’s seen as happiness rarely. 🙂

  2. Hmm, are we talking about happiness or joy? I would describe happiness as a state of complete tranquility, not passive but receptive… massaging waves can be associated with cheerfulness.

    • #.paula
      I believe If happiness is turned to be a condition – an expected or estimated entitlement – then I think it becomes boring and perhaps disappointing – happiness is the mountain peaks of the gladness landscape – I enjoy working for my peaks of happiness… 😀

        • My native homeland – the danes boast about and believe that they are the happiest people in the world – at the same time so the danes are the people in the entire world who eat the most Prozac or happy pills per individual human being – so I don’t agree with the danes… 😀

          Actually I’m a happy man, but happiness to me is the peaks or the moment which show ups from time to time – generally we humans are creatures of habit, we must use all the colors and not the same all the time – by the way another thing I love is when people disagree with me it shows that we are living… 🙂

          • That explains why you are expatriate 😉 Happiness is not habit or dullness, but I am too sick to argue now, and suffice to see you consider yourself a happy man – that’s all that matters. Who cares about definitions. I said through other person’s quote on Wednesday what I think of human nature. 🙂

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