L 09

Sculpture on the square in the city of Koblenz.
It’s very easy to reach the city by waterway.
Frankly admitted, so we came by car.

My inspiration comes from wonderful “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes.  Across to the german neighborhood so close so it almost visible on the horizon.

L 07

L 08

The Schängel Fountain created by Carl Burger in 1941
dedicated to the local german poet Josef Cornelius.

L 04

L 00

Koblenz is a german city with 106,417 inhabitants.
Located on the west bank of the river Rhine, where the river Moselle flows into the Rhine.

The two rivers flow together at the isthmus Deutsches Eck,
on which in 1897 was built a 37m high equestrian of the german emperor Wilhelm 1st.

K 96

The river Rhine and above the river Moselle.

L 05

All the huge impressive cruise barges dominate the river-scape.

K 98

For those who need a bit of space in the heavy congestion on the west bank of the Rhine
they can take the cable car across the river to the east bank – it ends on the hilltop.
With a fabulous view of the city of Koblenz.

K 99

K 97

L 03

K 95

Being up on this hilltop, so it would be silly not to visit the castle ruin a few meters away.

L 01

A part of the fortress Ehrenbreitstein as seen from Koblenz.

L 02

9 tanker om “Neighbor-visiting

  1. Coblenz! Another German city I haven’t visited. (I won’t make you a list- I’ve only ever been to one German city 🙂 Clue- it was on the border with Poland)
    I absolutely love that opening statue, Drake. And I’m off up the high wire to see the castle any minute now. Many thanks for your time and trouble 🙂 Have a great week! Travelling still?

  2. cool! Especially I adored the statue in the springwater 🙂 It´s very particular. By reading on, it even makes mores sense with the boat loaded of people (arriving to the city?).

    Also it seems to me, that you´re withdrawn to rivers like iron to a magnet 🙂 Nevertheless, your many sharings (of images) of rivers across Europe, has influenced me. The rivers seems to have a special “history/soul/life-wire” in connecting cities, and delivering something precious with it, from one place to another. Like an imporant bloodvene in the human body, vital to the country and the culture.
    Cheers 🙂

  3. All of the European cities, and countrysides are so gorgeous. Each is very unique in flavor.
    It is all so very, very different from Canada. Le Drake, I know you would love it here, because it is so different. I hope you come here one day! _Resa xo

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