Right here waiting, right.?

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From tonight until the end of time

A phrase or mantra which means a lot in my inner world
superficially it may be seen as stagnant or retrogressive
but the deepest seen so it is a vision to plan beyond next step.

If we want to plan for ourself and not let others plan for us.

So we have to have a plan.

A simple example as very young teenager, I had a girlfriend who lived 45 kilometers away
no public transport only opportunity that was the bike.
What a great difficulty to choose many said and even more thought it
but honestly why wait for the “system” or other creates shortcuts
to what you are passionate about.?

Every day I see people waiting on the huge chance will pass – and will make a stop.


6 thoughts on “Right here waiting, right.?

  1. Right, right, right!! You are so right dear friend… but sometimes we have too heavy chains which block us… ;-(

  2. It’s wise to choose a direction, but not to be tied too much to it….
    I mean that ,on our walk ,we might find something better than what was planned……!

    • #.paula
      It is a bit funny, because I had always said that I would work hard forward to the summer of Twenty Ten – so I wouldn’t work anymore but use the time for free life – actually right back while I studied many years ago – but now five years after so I’m still working, I can not say no – but is becoming more and more picky with what I do – the last ten years as an independent freelance is perfect for me so this has probably done that I keep on that way – and this include lot more Alsace, a bit less L’pool and less Denmark … 🙂

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