Next stop

L 26

L 22

Gare de i’Est in the city of Paris.

Trains, platforms, railway tracks and information boards.
All ingredients in traces of the past.
While at the same time it can be clues for the future.

The inspirng ‘track’ from Paula’s Thursday’s Special this week “Traces of the past

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  2. Thanks for adding to my Paris background – Gare de l’Est is a station I have never used, for some reason. St. Lazare is my No1 favourite. What appealed to my imagination was the “Salle des Pas Perdus” – Hall of Vanished Footsteps” written large

    • #.des
      So glad you enjoyed it – Paris have 4 or in fact 7-8 of these traffic centre – which one are my favorite, don’t know have used them all from time to time – most Gare du Nord coz the London trains arrives there – Gare de l’Est from the Colmar side – Gare de Lyon, in my younger days as backpacker – Gare Saint-Lazare (the 2nd busiest of them) are told about 1,700 trains serves Gare Saint-Lazare every day, like the atmosphere there – Gare de Bercy used it when I wants my car with the auto-trains mostly to Italy – Gare Montparnasse, haven’t used much – Gare d’Austerlitz which was my Paris link while I lived in Narbonne – I think all are charming and have no favorite… 🙂

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