The show must go on

L 20

A unscheduled (not a real) selfie, but the camera was mine.

Music is my muse, all genres are in play and the choice depends on the mood.

I have always regarded myself as a lucky guy and youth gave 2-3 options for “career”
one of the possibilities was to test the talent as proffessionel rock drummer.
Selected none of all these options, but something else but an equally uncertain path.

Nostalgia is a strict master when being an “easy-lure-able” drake
for private parties and such cases – when it happens that the live music takes a break.
Too often I am persuaded to entertain behind the drums
while the real musicians “doing nothing” with a beer.

We shouldn’t live in the past, but it can be a great inspiration prospectively too.

It’s after dark now
and Disneyland is closed.
The party is over.
The night is here.
Let’s bring out a toast
*DAD – international danish rock band*

Weekly photo challenge “Muse

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  2. Doing something that you love to do now – it doesn’t seem like living in the past! I’ve always felt that somehow using all of your talents makes it a really good (and fun) life. Thanks for posting it!

  3. Maybe you’re playing drums in that “jam session” that keeps me up twice a week?
    They are actually quite fab, but the floor is thin & they rock on into the wee hours! LOL
    I will never complain about having my own personal live music! 😀 😀

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