Guess I been forgotten now

L 44

Old photo from Airport Enrico Forlanini very close to the italian city of Milan.

Daily prompt “Don’t you forget about me” – alternative version of the theme.

Traffic centre as ports, railway stations and not least airports has always attracted me
because I have always loved to travel, so they are as magnetic as tempting sweet shops.
An airport I miss is “Airport Enrico Forlanini” also called Linate Airport of Milan.
It isn’t closed but most of the international flights, now done from Milan-Malpensa Airport.

Have an old school friend who was “abducted” by a beautiful local girl from this area
when I visited them in the 1980s and early 90s – so landende the ‘drake’ at this airport.
Later was a structural change so Milan Malpensa Airport got the leading foreign traffic.

Remember clearly my visits at Airport Enrico Forlanini as memorable.
Many people have a doppelganger, one which unknown believe is you when they see you.
At that time every time I was in this airport – so I got an accidental storming attention
because many thought here was Alan Sorrenti, a very popular Italian singer
kiss on the cheek from a lot of sweet Italian girls, once also had a big hug of a female cop.
Few were surprised about my blue-green eyes, they thought they were brown.

A non scary experience if I must be honest – but funny and charming.

3 tanker om “Guess I been forgotten now

  1. Very funny post! I’m happy you know so many things about Italy, italian airports and, above all, italian people! eheh.. they mistaken you for a famous singer and immediately they showed their expansiveness and warmth… Me too I like airports, stations and all the spots where travellers leave or arrive, I find these places interesting, full of life and of different human stories. 🙂

  2. Thats totally true. When I sit in the Terminal and watch all those poeple going somewhere,coming from somewhere I start making up stories of how their life is running. And the most honest conversations I had, have been in airplanes with total strangers. Finiding out we had a lot in common, or where the complete opposite. Some people liked to tease me for my frear during take-off, others started to wrap a conversation around me, so I wouldn’t notice we are already flying.
    The doublganger thing is sooo funny as well. Not that I ever met someone famous, or someone would think I am, but all these people start to look like people I know from the past. I can clearly put them in categories in the way they walk, talk, sneeze, eat, read…or just tip their hat 😀 Thank you for the post!

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