Wish to fly

018 008

If many of the road users showed the same respect to others
– just as they expect or require others to do to them.
So traffic wouldn’t be a battle of life and death.

Motorists like asphalt kings, with the brain stored with the spare wheel behind in car trunk.
Cyclists as pirates on the sidewalk or pedestrian crossings with the brain on the rear wing.

So the “walk-troubled” dreams of the ability to fly.
Thus fly without being hit by road users.

The inspiring kick is from the daily prompt theme: “S/he said” (in fact they said nothing)

5 tanker om “Wish to fly

  1. Meget aktuelt, Drake 🙂 Jeg møder med jævne mellemrum en motorcyklistkonge, som prøver at køre på et hjul. Det larmer meget, og det er sikkert farligt!
    Mange hilsner til dig,

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