Abandoned kissing bench

L 54

What the hell is happening with the youth nowadays.?
A lovely kiss bench, left without a young couple
who lost to the outside world while they kissing.

That the rain crashes, it has never been an excuse and never will be.

With Odd Ball Challenge (the worth visiting Cee) as the inspiring kiss.


31 thoughts on “Abandoned kissing bench

    • #.cee
      I don’t think they do – by the way so there isn’t an age for sitting on benches – for kissing or something else – young in mind haven’t anything to do with age – use benches more, might be the message… 😀

  1. Now, I feel like kissing! I feel like kissing everyone I love! (I’m in a mood!)
    ” ‘scuse me while I kiss the sky” – Jimi Hendrix

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