Out of town

L 66

Usually we talk about moving out into the nature from the cities
in the alsatian town of Kaysersberg nature moved into the cityscape.

Kaysersberg is located on the edge of nature.- both wild and less wild nature.

My inspiration comes from wonderful “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes.
Biking a bit in the surrounding of alsatian Kaysersberg – looking for impression.
A “walk” for something different.

L 64

Life buzzes as usual in the idyllic streets, no take notice that we run away for a little.

L 65

Water in motion – movement is life, inactivity often the opposite.

L 61

The passage of light and shadow can be idyllic.

L 57

Shrubs with berries, which can indulge us in the winter darkness.

L 63

Remember that the time to talk to wine growers, they are friends
they like to show their treasure trove of last year’s harvest.

L 62

Along the waterway can exude a lot of atmosphere, it is happy people sailing.

L 55

These magnificent “cheese production aid” take a break.

L 53

Outdoor zinc tub, very small in size.?

L 60

Small idyllic uphill forest lake.