Simplicity isn’t bad at all

L 71

The fishing hamlet of Algajola, no “serious” fishing left back only “fun fishing”.

My inspiration comes from wonderful “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes.
A very relaxed walking – looking for impression without hurry..
The old corsican town of Algajola with barely 300 inhabitants plus all summer tourists.

L 74

Actually a lovely hotel, but no matter what private accommodation is the best.

L 77

A cup of coffee with a vue down hill.

L 78

Stone fixed framework for the outside world, from the old castle.

L 75

The most reliable way to get a big cute smile from a quite unknown girl at the beach
It’s as rewarding when asking for permission for photographing her pretty hat.

L 80

Seen from the bench there is a beautiful view of the sea.
Seen from the shore-line there is a very good view to the bench.

L 79

Lots of space for mountain biking.

L 73

Lakes are often wonderful cold and tempting in the summer heat – but be very careful.

L 72

Green in the natural heated nature.

L 83

Lunch time – one of their so delicious aromatic corsican goat cheese
added wonderful mixed salad and followed perfectly by a local tasty red wine.

Never let simplicity of framework alone decide whether do or do not.