Simplicity isn’t bad at all

L 71

The fishing hamlet of Algajola, no “serious” fishing left back only “fun fishing”.

My inspiration comes from wonderful “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes.
A very relaxed walking – looking for impression without hurry..
The old corsican town of Algajola with barely 300 inhabitants plus all summer tourists.

L 74

Actually a lovely hotel, but no matter what private accommodation is the best.

L 77

A cup of coffee with a vue down hill.

L 78

Stone fixed framework for the outside world, from the old castle.

L 75

The most reliable way to get a big cute smile from a quite unknown girl at the beach
It’s as rewarding when asking for permission for photographing her pretty hat.

L 80

Seen from the bench there is a beautiful view of the sea.
Seen from the shore-line there is a very good view to the bench.

L 79

Lots of space for mountain biking.

L 73

Lakes are often wonderful cold and tempting in the summer heat – but be very careful.

L 72

Green in the natural heated nature.

L 83

Lunch time – one of their so delicious aromatic corsican goat cheese
added wonderful mixed salad and followed perfectly by a local tasty red wine.

Never let simplicity of framework alone decide whether do or do not.

30 tanker om “Simplicity isn’t bad at all

      No doubt in my mind, you would enjoy this village so much absolutly worth visiting – the locals are so fantastic “odd” just as we people from my native danish island are – really fell like home, perfect… 😀

  1. Wonderful places, excellent pictures.. Your post is a real invitation to visit Corse! I like very much that kind of “simplicity”. 🙂

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