A walk in shadow of history

Q 01

Relaxed mood at fishing part of the port of Calvi, a north northwestern corsican port.

My inspiration comes from wonderful “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes.
A  walk looking for nothing and for everything without hurry.
The old city of Calvi has a large role in the history of Corsica and the Republic of Genoa.

It was during the english navy’s siege of Calvi in 1794
that the english admiral Lord Horatio Nelson lost the right eye.

.According to history, the famous explorer Christopher Columbus was born in Calvi.
But he tried to keep it hidden, coz the reputation of the city and the island at that time.
It wasn’t the best in those circles into which he wanted access.

Tourism and the Foreign Legion garrison are both vital for the area.

Q 02

The Légion étrangère 2nd Parachute Regiment is based in the citadel of Calvi
so climb not the fortress wall, they need no guard dogs up there.

Q 10

Music, food and wine are each magnificently together priceless.

Q 09Q 03Q 07

The rough nature is only a stone’s throw away, for those who can throw these big rocks.

Q 08

Q 04

Q 05

Q 06


30 tanker om “A walk in shadow of history

  1. A magnificent looking city with a rich history, Drake. Thank you for taking me there in your lovely unhurried fashion. It’s another of those places I could loose my heart to. 🙂

  2. Really a great post! Lots of informations, wonderful captures… you gave us beautiful sensations and make us understand the fantastic atmosphere you are living in this period. Thanks from heart. 🙂

    • #.aurore
      So glad you enjoyed this walk, really do appreciate your much too kind words so much, thanks a lot – walking in those streets almost make the history jump out from these old walls… :-)… 🙂

  3. an interesting narrative to your walkabout of Colvi – enjoyed the factual snippets and especially the yellow tones of the 5th image

  4. Thanks for taking me to a wonderful placeI have never seen before. All your photos are very interesting. The one with the children playimg between the buildings is my favourite.

    • #.lisa
      So glad you enjoyed this walk, really do appreciate your words – amazing place and perfect for arriving the seaway, not only the harbors but the coastline too… 🙂

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