An odd day in Paris

Q 39

Probably two mermaids from the river Seine climbed one of the bridges.

An odd day in Paris.

With Odd Ball Challenge (the worth visiting Cee) as the inspiring reminder.

Q 40

A world famous tower constructed by a guy named Eiffel,
a place where people mostly take a photo or two no matter time or weather.

Q 41

Victor Hugo believed that Quasimodo, the “hunchback of Notre-Dame” lived here
the french title was “Notre-Dame de Paris” – worth reading in the original language.
Less well translated into english and especially danish,
where most translations are miserable.
And precisely “Les Miserables” is indeed a completely different story we all know.
Saw neither Quasimodo nor Esmeralda, only pigeons and tourists.

Q 42

A museum where a roof is the most photographed subject and even from the outside.
Please imagine, to wish a photo of the love of your life in an egyptian mausoleum in Paris.
How sexy is this on a scale from 0 to 10.?

By the way, notice the pretty woman in red – can sculptures be naughty.?
Wonder what was happened if she had turned her back against the sculpture.?

20 tanker om “An odd day in Paris

  1. Tell me the truth dear Drake: were you thinking about me when you created this post? 😀
    All the time I see something about my favourite city, I’m charmed and happy! An odd day in Paris is nevertheless a beautiful day and unforgettable, I believe.
    I agree with you about translation: every masterpiece of literature shouldn’t be translated but read in its original language.
    A sexy photo in an egyptian mausoleum? 😦 My evaluation is 0… sorry.

  2. When our girls were little and we visited the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Egyptian galleries were always on our agenda. I love the way the it appears the woman’s head is being patted. Too funny!


      I guess it’s works up and down – guess it’s hard to learn… 😀

      It’s not my favorite of Victor Hugo
      – but like the writting better than the movies… 😀

  3. One day … but one night is also great – and like 10CC sang, “a night in Paris is like a year in another city” (+/-)

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