Ferry cross the river Seine

Q 58

A small ferry crossing the river Seine

Crossing the french river Seine, so most people think about crossing a bridge in Paris
but the most beautiful part of the river is from the Paris to the end into the sea
at the Normandy coast between the cities of Honfleur and Le Havre.


21 thoughts on “Ferry cross the river Seine

  1. Thanks. As the song says rivers flow surely to the sea. Ferries such a relaxing way to cross and remind us of the power and grandeur of the river. Cities of course very often built on rivers and are sure to outlast those cities! Regards Thom.

    • #.thom
      Agree – from time to time when visiting Liverpool then the river Mersey gives a lot of inspiration – and the old song too – so glad you enjoyed this view… 🙂

    • #.anna
      So glad you enjoyed this view – this week until friday, the river Seine from Paris to the sea (read English Channel) have been the target – august is the holiday month… 🙂

  2. Oh ouiii! Je suis tout à fait d’accord avec ce que tu dis, mais … how in the world you’re still reading in my thoughts?? Just yesterday I spent a bit of my time in watching again some photos of Honfleur and this morning I told my sister how I was enchanted by this little fairy town… You must be a magician! 😀

  3. Good picture of charming river. Whenever I went from England to France I made a point of travelling Southampton- le Havre, in order to see the Seine from the train. A short stop at Rouen on the way is a good idea. I could not imagine using the Channel Tunnel! Another big advantage of that route is spending the night at sea – going to sleep in one country and waking up in another is ideal. Another aspect of the Seine is the beautiful landscapes upriver from the city – so loved by Monet and the Impressionists. Des.

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