Dawning is the day

Q 67

An awful early morning in august – not the morning but the time which was terrible.
The french river Seine hasn’t yet got rid of the very gray tone that lies like a rug.
Many don’t hesitate to call this color of gray too dull – but it’s a misunderstanding
because on summer mornings this heralds that it will be wonderful later in the day.

The Pont de Normandie is a road bridge, the total length is about 2150 metres
the bridge spans the river Seine just before the river reach the ocean
so linking Le Havre to Honfleur in Normandy, the northwestern France.

With the inspiration from Ailsa and her absolutly worth visting blog
this is a version of the travel theme “Grey

The titel is “stolen” from a Moody Blues song from the album “A Question of Balance

7 tanker om “Dawning is the day

    • #.thom
      So glad you enjoyed this view – I love the evenings, the nights and mornings so much – if I could so I would sleep about noon, so I wouldn’t miss all my favorite moments of the day… 😀

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    • #.hanna
      Så er jeg igen rolig for dig – lyder som om du er i gode hænder… 😀

      Moody Blues er selvfølgelig ikke i Pink Floyd klasse, men alligevel nogle af mine favoriter… 😀

      Yeah alle der kender mig vil grine, de ved jeg er morgenmenneske – i øvrigt også aften- og natmenneske – hvorfor sover vi ikke midt på dagen… 😀

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