World of difference

Q 54

What a difference it makes – sitting in a train or waiting for it passes.
So boisterous and dominant outside – so relaxing and calmly inside.

With Odd Ball Challenge (the worth visiting Cee) as the inspiring reminder.

8 tanker om “World of difference

  1. So true. I live near a train and sometimes the whole house shakes and it bothers me, other times I do not even notice. My preference would be inside of the train riding West to California from New York. The sound and movement while sitting inside can rock me to sleep and the view from the passing train provides material for writing stories.

    • #.thom
      Yes in fact I agree – I believe it’s very therapeutic – not many things do stress as traffic – only have to watch all those traffic jams around bigger cities – so trains could do a difference to the blood pressure of the travelers… 🙂

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