Smile inside the Louvre

Q 17

Musée du Louvre –  a cultural historical treasure.

Allegedly include about 35,000 works of art.
About 10 million visiting guest a year.

Q 97

Wonder if some of the visitors stay over night.?

Use of cameras and video recorders is permitted inside
but flash photography is forbidden.

M 00

Would have greeted the lady with the highly publicized smile.
Many of the 10 million had the same idea, so I missed it this time.

M 01

“Virgin on the rocks”, another Leonardo da Vinci painting.

No smile for the photographer.

Q 99

This young french art student would very well smile
provided that her drawing wasn’t captured by the photo.
But trust my claim that she was very talented – is truly right.

Q 98

Wonder how long it would take to see all 35.000.?

Probably a life time, for those like me, who starts nearby from start every time.

14 tanker om “Smile inside the Louvre

  1. Perhaps you should browse the museum gift shop, note some famous artists whose works had photographed as souvenirs and proceed to see their arts. (However, they, the artists in the museum, were all famous artists!)

    • #.bà tám
      Yes, we can visit the Louvre at least two ways – either to plan carefully what we will see and go directly for these artworks or go in and be impressed by what we see on our way around the museum – both good and inspiring ways… 🙂

    • #.ulli
      Didn’t see Belphegor or I don’t think I did – maybe he was too buzy in Victor Hugo’s “The Toilers of the Sea” – by the way so it’s told that Belphegor only ‘cares’ about lazy people… 😀

  2. Virgin on the rocks is much more beguiling (in my humble opinion 🙂 ) but then, I’ve never seen the original. But who cannot know it intimately? The guy with the case is a knockout! 🙂

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