The shades of Joan of Arc

M 43

The streets of the old part of french Rouen have much historical mood.

My inspiration comes from wonderful “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes.
A day in historical shades and walk at the heart of the french city of Rouen.

The city of Rouen has an english past in the the 1400s in the anglo-norman dynasties.
Rouen was one of the largest and most successful cities in the Middle Ages,
but few know that the city actually a period was english capital on a par with London.

Q 57

The city of Rouen and Joan of Arc are indestructible tied together.

Figurative talked so “small” men with larger control that their inner size justifies.
probably they have always been afraid of strong women.
Joan of Arc was one of those strong women.
A pain in the ass of those who thought they were born to rule.
So royal men and ecclesiastical men had a common enemy.
They had no arguments, so they had her burned at the stake for heresy.
A flexible clause designed to keep things in that condition they were.
This is the place where she ended life, without regret what she was fighting for.

Q 73

Jeanne d’Arc aka Joan of Arc – a sculpture, a part of the local museum.

Joan of Arc was rehabilitated in 1456 and is a french national heroine.
She was canonized by the Catholic Church in 1920.
The same that burned her 4-500 years earlier.

Q 77

Rouen is known for its medieval buildings, timbered houses
and not least for its great centre cathedral, Notre Dame.

But we shouldn’t forget the Basilique Notre-Dame de Bonsecours
and in front of this cathedral the smaller but impressive piece of architecture
right on the edge of the slope down to the river Seine.

Next to this ther’s some extremely heavy church bells, too heavy to put up the tower,
therefore they are placed on a foundation on the ground – great sound.

Many spots there indicate that the church regret the Joan of Arc case.

Q 75

Sculptures hanging in the air or almost – part of a church tower.

M 44

Architecture can be photographed in many ways,
this is a church tower in the city of Rouen.

M 45

Say cheese and I’am listening – here french cheese at the market place.

Perfect for ingredients in wonderful sandwiches for hard walking people.

Listen to the bells of Basilique Notre.Dame de Bonsecours in Rouen.

Gros Léon de Bonsecours:

28 tanker om “The shades of Joan of Arc

  1. What a wonderful post, Drake! 🙂 Oh, to have that kind of conviction and faith! I love your tribute to Joan and those beautiful bells. I’m honoured to have the post linked to mine. Thank you so much!

  2. Very very interesting and fascinating post! Rouen is another town I wish to visit next year, if possible… now I am more motivated to do it. Thanks for sharing so much infos and emotions.

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