A divine day as Apollon

M 47

Even sweet little cherubs can get water in the eyes.

The area around the french royal palace Versailles is impressive and in terms of area too
therefore only turned the focus on the fantastic Apollo fountain here.
“Le bassin du d’Apollon” constructed by Jean-Baptiste Tuby about 1670.

M 50

The subject is Apollo, which emerge from the water with his chariot drawn by four horses.

M 51 M 52 M 53

So many details and so impressive both without water action and indeed with.

M 46

The castle seen in the background through sunshine and waterhaze from the fountain.
Don’t understand why located so far away from the windows of the castle.

M 54

9 tanker om “A divine day as Apollon

  1. I saw Versailles 3 times and every time I was fascinated! To notice all the details a week would be not enough! Thanks for sharing these beautiful pics. 🙂

  2. This post is absolutely stunning… I will add a trackback from my blog, linking to my post on Apollo!… Thanks so much and happy weekend to you. Aquileana 😀

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