Keep the eyes above clouds

022 007

If you learned how to make a cloud, your time isn’t wasted
*Bob Ross – american artist*

Often we can use negative “clouds” positive, We just have to dare.

022 009

1st leg of a ‘3-day 3-Quote Challenge – to lay up on screen a quote a day in three days
favorite quotes which have a greater meaning for us, often they are guiding lines for us.
The tempting challenge from the cute blogger Danielle and her The thought Card.

Hopes other will feel for catching this line and take the challenge too.

022 005

Even dark threatening clouds have luminous weaknesses, these may be clues.
Sailors have always used them to reach their destinations.


5 thoughts on “Keep the eyes above clouds

  1. I’m fascinated by clouds! They can change in shape and colour and then disappear and resurface again ,in few instants ; they can hide the sun and announce rain and storms, take splendid contours and turn invisible….
    Love your post a lot!

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