Still alive, night isn’t the end

M 79

I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day
*Vincent Van Gogh – my favorite painter*

 3th leg of a ‘3-day 3-Quote Challenge – to lay up on screen a quote a day in three days
favorite quotes which have a greater meaning for us, often they are guiding lines for us.
The tempting challenge from the cute blogger Danielle and her The thought Card.

Hopes other will feel for catching this line and take the challenge too.

M 80

The northern german city of Flensburg in night light.
Seen from the port’s southeast side.
The first, with the back against the city center towards the inlet end.

M 78

15 thoughts on “Still alive, night isn’t the end

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  2. I think the night opens the senses more than the day. It’s always a great experience to spend a night on the Sea – I agree with V. V. Gogh.
    Very awesome photos, Drake.

    • #.ulli
      Agree with you about nights, so glad you enjoyed these views – Vincent probably had his off days but an amazing painter – his works have always fascinated me… 🙂

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