When borders be idyllic

M 61

It was a hot sultry summer day in late august at the german side of Flensburger Fiord.
The clouds hung looming on the horizon but didn’t seem serious at the scary way..
The private pier of the hotel which enables to sail to the hotel on the fjord’s south side.
In continuation of the pier across the Flensburger Fiord – the north side which is Denmark.

People in the area don’t see themselves as danes or germans, but schleswiger
the german part called South Schleswig and the danish part called North Schleswig
but common values and interests with different passport – this doesn’t worry them.

On the north side is the largest danish battlefield ever named Dybbol Banke
with plenty of evidence of the high costs for both germans and danes.
Namely the war in 1864 between the two countries.
When politicians and state leaders argues, then die soldiers and civilians.

History and conversation connecting people.
On both sides they have laid the past behind.

Weekly photo challenge “From every angle

M 62

M 64

M 63

M 74

M 65

This beach hotel was and is recreational oasis for many
among them the famous german writer and Nobel Prize laureate Thomas Mann.

M 75Perfect place for a glass of cool white wine or best of all an espresso.

15 tanker om “When borders be idyllic

  1. Thanks. Borderlands are fascinating areas – shifting identities and perspectives! Nice sense of things stretching away here. Reminds me I must watch TV series 1864 which I have recorded! Regards Thom.

    • #.thom
      So glad you enjoyed these views. 🙂

      This “1864” has aroused much discussion in Denmark, very large and vociferous criticism from those shelves nobility, royal family and the political game (nationalists) – because it brings focus to something all actually have known for many years – but omitted in the danish history books – that these three groups mentioned – they showed extremely poor judgment, leadership and were blinded by their own exaggerated self-understanding – they were a disaster and could had cost Denmark many more wounds though it was bad enough.

      The “1864” are more true than the danish story books – I lived a bigger part of my childhood in this area – and have at that time (the 1960s) heard so many old people tell on – the reports of the previous generation – the generation that had to put up with this fate… :-/

  2. These last two photos remind me of the atmosphere you find in famous 19th century books….
    All the shots are amazing , of course ,and I was very interested in the historical notes regarding Flensburger Fiord….

    • #.anna
      Yes we almost expect to be sitting a writer on the terrace when we see a scenario like this – a look a like Steinbeck, Hemingway, Austen, Boccaccio, Dickens or a completely different… 😀

      So glad you enjoyed this view, really do appreciate… 🙂

  3. Hej Drake. Et dejligt konstruktivt og optimistisk indlæg som altid 🙂
    Jeg har også bemærket, hvordan Tyskland i det hele taget har vundet indpas i de fleste danskeres hjerter. Det er ihvertfald min opfattelse.
    Med hensyn til eksport til Tyskland går det jo rigtigt fint, hvad Nordtyskland angår, mens Sydtyskland er et mere ‘uprøvet’ land og skulle udgøre en noget anderledes kultur end den Nordtyske.
    Altid spændende med forskellige kulturer 🙂
    ‘Sjov’ krølle med Thomas Mann. Jeg forstår godt hans valg!!!

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