More fairytale than expected

N 29

It is said that the river maidens singing beautifully and tempting
so that the sailors forgot all about ships, water and rocks.
It sounds very credible – we men are only men.

Lorelei is a large rock on the river Rhine in the german state of Rheinland-Pfalz.
The rock rises 120 meters above the water.
It marks the narrowest section of the Rhine between Switzerland and the North Sea.
A very strong flow and hidden rocks in the water caused earlier many groundings.

Lorelei is also the name of a feminine water spirit
similar to mermaids or Rhinemaidens
for ever associated with this rock in popular folklore
and in works of music, art and literature.

The name comes from the old german word luren (see) and ley (stone).
The translation of the name is therefore “stone where to watch.”

This is a reminding sculpture on the river Rhine, close to Lorelei.


12 thoughts on “More fairytale than expected

  1. OMG, LDN! Okay, I’m trying to get this all straight. There are Mermaids, Neraids, Sirens & now the River Maidens? Well.. looking forward to the next! 🙂 Luv all myth beauties!

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