Far across the distance

023 001

The ferry “Princess Isabella” sailing from and to the tiny danish island of Samso,
the ferry is named after the royal crown prinze couple’s 8 years old daughter.
Operates on liquefied natural gas called LNG and is extremely quiet not far from noiseless.

There live about 3500 people settled on the island
ferry’s capacity is 594 passengers at a time
there are 8 double trips a day
it means that the ferry can depopulate the island, far less than one day.

023 002

Even when we know where to go, the horizon can be blurry.

023 003

Marine equipment regardless of size of the ship are always exciting.

023 004

The classic scene from the movie “Titanic” inspires – at least to me.
But never had success in finding a woman who will help to reinterpret
the scene on the bow with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.

9 tanker om “Far across the distance

  1. Nice post! I would love to re-interpret the scene with you… but LDN you know I am terrified of being on boats. Perhaps we could re-create it on a tractor on the prairies, or a Merry-Go_Round at the fair? Just throwing out ideas.

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