Raid into the fall

N 96

It is said to be an old railway technical room – not seeing the technique inside at all.

An autumn tour of the surroundings of the alsatian Kaysersberg.

My inspiration comes from wonderful “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes.
A walk or more correct a bike ride last week.

N 80

Looking forward – actually very possitive.

N 77

Down by the corner – the road catch the autumn mood.

N 85

Red greenish autumn mood.

N 78

The color of blue appears in the pic of autumn too.

N 84

This little felleow enjoy the sun of autumn – close to closing time for his season.

N 81

A lot of shades of green.

N 82

A guy which enjoy nature of autumn at his way.

N 83

I did it my way.

N 79

A bench among the trees – a low one.

N 86

Water is colored by what it transports.

N 65

A young girl in the lead, her boyfriend and some other guys missed following her.

M 29

A wheat field not harvested yet