Higher level of view

P 00

The area close to the french Voges mountains town of Gérardmer in Lorraine
only a short stone throw from Alsace.

A pump housing via a pipe system regulates amount of water in the mountain lakes
to prevent the water create dramatic shift when it is lheading down.
Other places the nature manage the process itself.

P 02 P 03

Look like looking down town actually the town is located about 900 meter above sea level.

P 04

Probably the goats think “Why not enjoy it, while we are here”.?

P 05

24 tanker om “Higher level of view

  1. Gorgeous, Drake. I’m pretty sure my s-i-l and I were there last year when I visitied her. However, we weren’t in the countryside the way you were. More of a driving trip, albeit driving all over.


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