Surrounded by frames

R 22

Sometimes we need to keep within the framework like this in Alsace.
Other times it is necessary to break the framework or the walls.

This video from a 1980 concert at Earls Court in London, I was there didn’t taped it.

The worth visting Ailsa and her weekly challenge, this week challenge “Frame“.

Frame in the middle

Q 71

Late summer fountain atmosphere in the center of the french city of Le Havre.
Can a frame be placed in the middle of a scene rather than relimit or delimit.?

The worth visting Ailsa and her weekly challenge, this week challenge “Frame“.

Floating art cross the Mersey

R 14

This passenger ferry “Snowdrop” and its sister ferry “Royal Iris” is living history.
The inspirational backdrop to the smash hit “Ferry cross the mersey“.

Named “Woodchurch” from start in 1960 until 2003
from 2003 and onwards named “Snowdrop”.
The sister ferry named “Montwood” from start in 1959 until 2001.
from 2001 and onwards named “Royal Iris of the Mersey”.

During 2015-16, the ferry applied a unique new livery based on “WW1 dazzle ships”.
Designed by the artist Sir Peter Blake and entitled “Everybody Razzle Dazzle”.
The livery was commissioned by “Liverpool Biennial” and “Tate Liverpool“.
The Liverpool Biennial is the largest international contemporary art festival in the UK.

R 15

R 13

Here “Snowdrop” in i’st wellknown normal workwear.

Yellowish orange fright

R 11

Daily prompt “Fright Night
What’s the thing you’re most scared to do.?
What would it take to get you to do it.?

Probably a pumpkins field with all those orange colored devils are the most scary..

Maybe if someone could have an idea of hollowing them and put lights into,
so probably they would seem less frightening.

Here we go again soon and the horror will start all over.

October mood

015 010

Colored moods from the last week in october.

A danish maple without foliage.
Very old former marine store on the island now a tourist hotspot.
Ferry to the small danish island in the october sunshine.
Party dressed forest lake in the german Schleswig Holstein
October mood in northern Lorraine
Port of entry at a small jutlandic fishing village.

024 001

R 04

R 09

L 46

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