Austrian upstairs

P 19

Earlier this summer, a day in the austrian Valluga area – between Arlberg and Tirol.

My inspiration comes from wonderful “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes.
A walk or more correct a bike ride and a bit help from a cable car for the Valluga.

P 20

View from Valluga.

P 08

Not a mountain penthouse but excellent for what it’s built for – having a break.

K 88

In fact a peaceful night up there, no noisy sounds only new strange sounds.

P 21

Austrian nature ahead close to the line between Arlberg and Tirol..


45 tanker om “Austrian upstairs

    • #.lucile
      So glad you enjoyed these views… 🙂

      Yes I enjoy riding my mountain bike for several reasons – I love the nature and love feeling it close to me – I want to keep my slim line even I like good food and one or two glasses of tasty red wine – sedentary work doesn’t help much in that project…. 😀

      • A pleasure to like at!
        I know the feeling! But cycling is great fun and the best helper to burn all unwanted calories that insist to accompany tasty wine and food!! I do race biking with my husband but just for fun too. It’s so relaxing and reinvigorating.
        Pity that winter stops the fun while sedentary life reigns!

  1. Spectacular scenery, Drake! I would need to be a mountain goat for that first climb :). Many thanks for pushing your bike all the way up there, just for me. (with a little help from the cable car)

  2. Wonderful pictures, marvellous landscapes! Wow… I’m fascinated by everything you captured. I wish I could have a break me too in the little “mountain penthouse” :-). Thanks for sharing!

  3. Very beautiful, LDN!
    Well, oh, as a prairie girl… I wish you were from here! Then you would show the beauty of all the stunning flat lands. I think they are undervalued, like deserts.
    As usual, your captures are fab TY!!!

    • #.laurie
      And the place in front of the almost clifftop “lluxury penthouse flat” is perfect for just sit with a coffee mug or a glass of wine – while enjoying the view from there… 😀

      So glad you enjoyed these views… 🙂

    • #.hanna
      Ja med tryk på ‘lidt’, det bliver ikke til så meget – arbejdet tager for meget tid, men intet piveri – det er jo min egen skyld – det er det med at sige nej… 😀

      Men faktisk så bliver det efter min egen mening til for lidt nye steder.
      Det er alle sammen steder i relation til eller kombination med en anden grund at jeg besøger dem – men jeg er meget glad for at du ku’ li’ disse billeder – jeg kombinerede en arbejdsopgave med at tage 1½ dag op i bjergene sammen med en lokal. 🙂

      • Det er alle tiders, at du gør det – Tager en dag ud af kalenderen, og får nogle nye oplevelser. Jeg er ikke i tvivl om, at man får mere fra hånden på den måde 🙂 🙂

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