Scary days back soon

P 28

When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam,
so the human creative imagination will be upgraded.
The cozy and scary atmosphere sneaking in from the pumpkins field.
These fruity invaders are ready just waiting for all the black cats and candle lights.

P 29


13 thoughts on “Scary days back soon

  1. Brilliant! 🙂 That first shot looks just like them marching through the fields, Drake.
    I was talking to my daughter last night and she’d been playing with bats! Not real ones 🙂 She was stenciling them on bottles as part of her Halloween decorations. These people with imagination!

      Oh yes I forgot the bats, they are a most too… 😀

      No surprise at all, that you have a creative daughter… 🙂

      I had bats in my attic room when I was little (sweet) boy – so my mother didn’t arrive all the time – to tell I have to clean up my room – she didn’t like them… 😀

      • Of course it’s hard to scare a prairie girl… unless you want me to go on a boat on the water. 😀 😀
        Hallowe’en is the only other time I get scared… I need a strong set of wings to fly me over those terrifying pumpkin patches. 😀

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